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how i build muscle & never do cardio

Do you avoid going to the gym because it only reminds you of how much you hate the treadmill? Or do you go to the gym and use every machine but the ones in the cardio room? Well you're not alone, cause I do too! I have endurance, but the idea of running on a rotating wheel like a hamster honestly makes me so bored that I will press stop after 3 minutes. But please don't think you can't get a killer workout in without doing cardio, because you can. I do strength training workouts 3-4 days a week and leave sweaty, exhausted and fulfilled everytime.

However, because I work in the medical field I have to make a disclaimer that this is not something that is optimum for your heart health. It has worked just fine for me for years, but if you struggle with cardiorespiratory or cardiovascular or weight gain issues, you probably should refrain from taking cardio exercises out of your regimen completely. If you've got a significant amount of weight to lose, cardio exercises (and diet, mostly diet) will help you burn off the fat first, and then you can focus on really shaping your physique through heavy lifting after.

Below I will share my weekly workouts, which you can modify however you prefer. I tend to workout 3-4 days a week and each day, I dedicate to one muscle group. This way, I can workout the next day and target a muscle that isn't already sore.

(Btw... do not overdo it! If you haven't lifted in a long time or ever, do not do it the first time back in the gym. Adding weight is a long and gradual process. Don't add more than 5lbs at a time. The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself when you're trying to better yourself.)

Here we go:

(Rep range: 8-10, 2 minute rest in between sets)

DAY 1 (Legs & Butt):

1. Barbell Back Squat - 3 sets

(start with just the bar, which is about 45lbs, then add 5 lbs at a time to each side)

2. Leg Press - 3 sets

3. Romanian Deadlift - 3 sets

4. Barbell Hip Thrusts - 3 sets

DAY 2 (Pull & Abs):

1. Romanian Deadlift - 3 sets

2. Barbell Bent Over Row - 3 sets

3. One Arm Dumbell Row - 3 sets

4. 3-part Ab Circuit - 3 sets

-Cable Crunch (8-10)

-Roman Chair (8-10)

-Air Bicycles (8-10)

-Day 3 (Push & Calves):

1. Flat Dumbell Chest Press - 3 sets

2. Incline Dumbell Chest Press - 3 sets

3. Seated Military/Dumbbell Chest press - 3 sets

4. Side Lateral Raise - 3 sets

5. Barbell Hip Thrust - 3 sets

6. Standing Calf Raise - 3 sets

7. Seated Calf Raise - 3 sets

-Day 4 (Abs, Back & Butt):

1. Roman Chair - 3 sets

2. Hanging Leg Raise w/ Twist - 3 sets

3. Lat Pull Down - 3 sets

5. Hip Abductor - 3 sets

6. Hip Adductor - 3 sets

7. Barbell Back Squat - 3 sets

If your muscles aren't burning after a week of this, you are doing something wrong! Either add weight or watch youtube video to correct your form. This workout was designed for me by a personal trainer so it really will work in building muscle and a better physique. Just maintain a healthy, high-protein diet (blog post on my diet soon to follow..). I really hope this helps at least one person achieve their fitness goals! Feel free to leave me comments or messages if you have any questions!

xx, mc

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