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first blog post!

Today is an exciting day as I am publishing my first website and starting a blog! I really don't know the feedback I will get or who really wants to read about my life but I promise to keep it interesting! And most likely unfiltered... I will be 25 this year and it has been the most successful and motivating year of my life in many ways. I have landed the medical job I had been praying for, and I finally have reached the point in my modeling career where I no longer need to search out for jobs, they've just been steadily coming to me! It's so cool. And trust me, this is not me bragging, I am still awestruck by it all and still feel like an amateur the majority of the time.

Balancing two very different careers has definitely been a challenge but I have figured out a way to not let them collide: keep them completely separate. I have to make myself the opposite of a model in the medical office, just for the sake of keeping my work relationships professional and keeping the respect of the physician I am assisting. And no, I don't think having a modeling career is a reason to loose someone's respect but it has happened to me in the workplace before, so it's better to play it safe. I purposefully go to work wearing no make-up other than my wrinkle cream, hair in a bun, baggy unflattering scrubs, and one emotionless attitude. I look about as attractive as a thumb. Of course this doesn't stop the old guys from telling me they're still single and throwing out their best pickup line from 1950, but I figure it's the best I can do.

However, when I have a modeling event the next day, it can be very difficult trying to transition my personality. In front of the camera, and crowds of people, I have to suddenly be an outgoing, confident, sexy, star of the show and sometimes I have a slight panic attack and wonder if I still have that in me.. It takes me a bit to warm up, but I still got it! It's all about balance, and I have learned that so much this year. I don't want to be too obsessed with any one thing, one job, one person, one skill.. It's more exciting when you challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and keep yourself constantly busy with a variety of things. It's the way to learn and stimulate talents you may not have discovered yet. I am super excited for this next year and this blog, and I hope anyone reading this will gain insight or laughs or inspiration from my posts. I would love your feedback and I will keep continue to keep it real and talk about life!

xo, mc

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