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Mikayla Carr was born in Southern California in 1992. She is the oldest daughter of 9 children and considers her siblings her greatest motivation. She went to high school in Monterey, CA, and after graduating, she moved back down south to San Diego. She attended SDSU as nursing major and has continued to pursue her biggest dream of becoming a Pediatric Nurse. She was scouted by her first agency in San Diego and has always felt comfortable and creative in front of a camera. Once she had a decent portfolio built up, she packed her bags and moved to Los Angeles, to take see where a modeling career could take her. She decided to knock on the door of her dream agency, Wilhelmina LA, and was signed that very day.


She has since been a model for numerous brands, fashion shows, commercials, hosted industry events, and even worked as a fit model for the Kardashian Collection and Cindy Crawford. She currently continues to pursue two careers but has recently moved to Nashville, TN to finish her RN-BSN degree at Belmont University. Modeling has opened up many doors for her and given rise to an incredible network she will have for the rest of her life so she is grateful for the opportunities and the experiences. She definitely recommends confronting your dreams head on, and knocking on the door..

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